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Event Safety Brainstorming Worksheet

Have you asked yourself why we should have a safety plan in place?

And the following statement is, "we've never had an issue in the past, so why start NOW."

Today's environment warrants your attention to the sample risks and more addressing the consequences you identify.

Be proactive instead of reactive.

Each event has varying safety issues! A large expo will have different safety issues than a children's event with bounce houses, yet each event has a degree of security and safety issues! There is no one size fits all security plan!

Read the following examples of potential threats and think:

  • What are the risks in your event? (think beyond this list)

  • Does it apply to your event or not?

  • If yes, what is your action plan?

Terrorism and Security:

· A known or unknown threat?

· Can you implement bag checks to prevent any potential

· Active shooter?

First Aid:

· What happens if someone falls and is unconscious?

· Has a heart attack?

· Someone passes away on the spot.

· Someone gets run over in a parking lot

Cyber Security:

· Is your event a hybrid event where you have online and in-person attendance?

· How are you going to mitigate security for all attendees?

Crowd Management:

· Crowds are out of control

Environmental Threats:

· Gas leaks

Fire Dangers/Prevention:

· Electrical short starts a fire in the main ballroom

Catering Risks:

· Food poisoning

COVID-Related Exposures:

· Large outbreak

Take the time to evaluate and write down all potential risks, then strategize a workable plan. Place additional emphasis on your severe threats.

The results will be in your and your attendee's best interest.

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