Performance Planners is committed to growing opportunities for small businesses and non-profits through strategic planning in urban and rural areas. 

Three intensive projects were:  

  1. The University of Nebraska - Lincoln's, Nebraska EDGE (Enhancing, Developing, and Growing Entrepreneurs)

  2. The Center for Rural Affairs, MarketPlace conferences were held in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and South Dakota. 

  3. A landmark project was called SEEDS (Student Education and Economic Development in the Sandhills), and the Wolf Den Market, featured in the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Chicago SunTimes, and WGN Radio – Chicago.


Each of these projects' had common goals to start or sustain and grow small businesses through business planning and other various educational opportunities.  

If it doesn't challenge you It won't change you

“There is absolutely no reason that Performance Planners should not go right to the top of the list when picking a strategic planner. If you are not organized, they will organize you. Execution is hands-on and the attention to detail is without question. It is such a value-add to work with a company that has always understood
the importance of the “why” as much as the “what” of the project.”

Kendall Scheer,
High Point Business Services, Owner & Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Board Member