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Did you take the RIGHT road?

What is the right road in a business? Did you do a business plan? If not, did you take a few detours? It's the same thing with planning an event? If you don't go through the process of a Strategic Meeting Management Plan you are going to take detours.

Let's start with this senario:

1. We are going to take a trip in the car.

2. Let's plan to leave Omaha, Nebraska, at 8:00 am and need to be in New York City, New York, in 2 days by 2:00 pm.

Here’s what we don't have on this TRIP:

· Any navigation

· An old fashioned paper map

· A cell phone (oops)

NOW ask yourself?

· Are we going to make it on time?

· Will we have enough money?

· Are we going to run into any roadblocks?

Here's the game changer! Whether your planning a trip, a meeting, a business, or starting a marketing campaign, it ALL comes down to a strategic plan.

The strategic planning process moves the project past the "dream" to a roadmap with the essential elements moving the project toward success.

Get on the road to success by working up your strategic plan!. Call 402-614-55587

to get your plan started

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