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Strategic Management

​Performance Planners works side-by-side to strategically, cultivate, and successfully host a compelling campaign or event.


A successful event requires strategic planning, including defining goals and objectives. Your customized strategic and event management plan includes:

  • Creating your event profile

  • Establishing and managing budgets

  • Navigating conference logistics

  • Producing event content

  • Targeted marketing


Preparation moves the strategic plan forward with the implementation of team decisions, establishing a final budget, timeline, selecting and reserving the event venue, acquiring permits, food, and beverage, theme development, selecting speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk, and developing contingency plans.


Upon event completion, the event is analyzed by what happened, why it occurred and what transpired in comparison to the strategic plan.  It provides the tools and is a collective resource of knowledge for subsequent events. 

Customized Strategic Meeting Management Program

  • Venue Selection Based on Event Requirements

  • Offline/Online/On-site Registration

  • Trade Show Implementation and Management

  • Development of a Quality Sponsorship Package

  • Marketing Expertise to Maximize Goals 

  • Communication and Confirmation of Speakers

  • Compose Evaluation Tools to Assist with Analyzing Event Success

  • Administrative and Financial Reporting

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