• Announce your campaign to your customers and prospects via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Customers click on the link to get your offer, and arrive at your Facebook Gate Page.
  • Customers click “Like” on your Page, or enter their email address to get your offer.
  • Customers get excited, and tell their social networks about you and your offer.

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 Your business has a Facebook Page, right?

Now it’s time to go from just posting updates

to getting new & more engaged fans with

Social Campaigns from Constant Contact.

The end result: Measurable business growth.




Here’s what Social Campaigns can do for you!

Get more Facebook fans — and their business — with Social Campaigns.

Build real marketing campaigns on Facebook that get people to “Like” your business and spread the word. Start from any of our customizable templates designed to offer:

Or a make a combination using our flexible editor. Use our built-in email and social sharing tools to quickly and easily promote your campaign to your email list, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections — and ask them to share.  Run campaigns for as long as you want, as often as you want.

Get real-time reports on the results your campaign is driving — visitors, shares, Likes, and more.


Take advantage of our free unlimited social media coaching when you need a hand or an extra opinion.

Sign up for a FREE 60-Day Trial today.

Explore Social Campaigns with no risk. No obligation.

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Social Campaigns

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