1. What kind of events does Performance Planners organize?

We plan many different types of events including:

2. Are there size restrictions on the events Performance Planners 


There are no size limitations for events produced by Performance Planners.  Your customized event will contain size restrictions, based on the completion of a strategic plan containing a budget.

3. Can Performance Planners help me with a portion of the event instead of planning an entire event?

Yes!  While we are prepared to assist with all aspects of an event from concept to completion, we can assist with any portion of your event planning process. Our services are individually determined based upon your needs and a custom package is personalized for your goals and budget.

4. Why work with Performance Planners when our staff can plan the event?

You should really be asking, “How expensive will it be for my staff to take time away from what they are trained to do?” Outsourcing your event to Performance Planners allows your staff to focus on their core competencies, saving you time, money and the stress of getting your day-to-day work done in addition to event planning.

5. Can Performance Planners help me with strategically planning my events?

The first step to creating an exceptional program starts with proper planning.  To ensure the success of a winning event, Performance Planners collaborates with each client to work through a strategic meeting management plan customized to assure meeting success.

6. Can Performance Planners support me with budgeting and financial management?                          

Yes, a budget is jointly established with each client and will be monitored continually. We can also provide periodic budget reconciliations at established intervals.

7. Can Performance Planners secure sponsorships?

Yes, Performance Planers works with clients to create marketing packages to sell, implement, maintain. We report results to sponsors and the client throughout the process.

8. Does Performance Planners handle trade shows?

Yes. We manage all aspects of trade shows from working with suppliers and vendors to registration, signage and shipping.

9.  Marketing and promotion is an enormous factor of event success. Does Performance Planners support this aspect of the event?

Yes, all aspects of marketing your event from the inception of the project to completion are covered. The type of media used depends upon attendee and guest demographics, in order to reach the correct audience effectively.

10. How does Performance Planners bill for services?

Each project starts with a one-hour complimentary consultation. Each client has the option to choose from an hourly rate, a pre-designed package or a flat contracted fee.

11.  Is Performance Planners a “party” planner?

Many events could be considered a party; however, each project is managed by client goals, objectives and budgets in order to maximize return on our customers' investment. For more information on the specific types of events Performance Planners organizes, see the Services page.

Event Planning FAQs

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