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Performance Planners, is a strategic meeting and event planning firm assisting small businesses, corporations, associations, non-profit and government agencies with worry-free events before, during and after stressful times of planning a conference or event. 


Each project is completed in a professional and efficient manner with measurable goals and objectives guiding each step of the process through a business strategy.


As your outsource resource provider, each project is completed with the highest integrity giving your investment:

Mission Statement

  • Clear Alignment of Predetermined Goals and Objectives
  • Streamlined Strategic Management Process
  • Optimized Cost Benefit
  • Higher Return on Your Investment
  • Mitigate Your Risk
  • Post-Event Evaluation and Analysis Capturing the Success Impacting Your Future Business Objectives ​

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Chris Studer, Marketing Director
Performance Planners is a top-notch event planning firm 
paying attention to every little detail, and following through to put
on a very successful event.

Performance Planners provides detailed, customized, strategic event planning through a quality, customized platform.

About Performance Planners